OPN Connect Newsletter 268 · May 12, 2022

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Fruit World Looks to an Organic Future

As Fruit World Company in Reedley, CA, celebrates its fifth anniversary, its founders can see their original business ideas were sound and worth building on. “When we started out, our original goal was to ensure our family farms continued into future generations, and we quickly realized that’s a mission that a lot of people support and are excited about,” said Bianca Kaprielian, CEO and co-founder.    Read More

2. AgTech Startup Smart Apply Raises $1.3M in Seed Round

Global Organics Aug 2022

Smart Apply, an agtech startup whose precision spray technology reduces chemical and water usage by orchards and vineyards by an average of 50 percent, has successfully raised a $1.3 million seed round. The proceeds from the round will be used to build upon the company’s momentum in preparation for a Series A round.    Read More

3. Organic Farms Step Up to Give Afghan Refugee Families Access to Fresh Produce

Two local organic farms are partnering with New Beginnings for Refugees. The new partnership will bring access to high-quality produce to Afghan refugee families. Cattail Organics and Red Door Family Farm are the two farms participating in the partnership.    Read More


Chelan Aug 2022

4. California’s New Climate Plan Will Make Our Lives Radically Different

More organic farming. Less driving. No more natural gas in new buildings. Electric off-road vehicles. For the first time in five years, California regulators have released an ambitious plan for tackling climate change.   Read More

5. High Pricing Slows Organic Lime Demand

Stefan Misse, President of Discovery Organics based in Vancouver, Canada, says that larger sizes of organic limes are very short in supply. “Smaller sizes—230s and 250s—are more abundant, and as we progress over the next few weeks, the smaller sizes will produce downward pressure on larger sizes. This is pretty typical for this time of year,” he says.    Read More

Cal-Organic Aug 2022

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