OPN Connect Newsletter 268 · May 12, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 19, 2022


First of the Season Stone Fruit

Global Organics Aug 2022

California Organic Dark Sweet Cherries are now in season, with volumes limited heading into May, before Washington gets started in June. Quality has been excellent. Washington Organic Cherry growers are expecting a good crop waiting for final estimates after the freeze earlier this year. Organic Apricots are in season out of California, with growers expecting some gaps between varieties and lighter volumes due to weather that impacted yields. Volumes will be light during May but will ramp up when Washington gets started in June. The first of the season California Organic Yellow Peaches and Nectarines are now available with production expected to ramp up quickly with promotional volume moving into June and July. Organic Plums and Pluots production will also ramp up in late May heading into June.


East coast Organic Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf Lettuce have begun harvesting, with volumes increasing in mid-May. Stellar quality and consistent supplies are expected through May. New Jersey grown Organic Lettuces are set to begin this week, followed by Pennsylvania grown product next week. Organic Lettuce supplies will remain in steady availability throughout May from various regions. California Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce have seen increased volumes and decreased prices in May. Promotional opportunities are available on both items!

Chelan Aug 2022

Green Beans

Organic Green Beans from Mexico remain in steady supply as seasonal California product is coming to market. Mexican Fair-Trade Organic Green Beans are in 15lb cases, and California Organic Green Beans season will begin by packing 30lb cases in mid-May.

Misionero Aug 2022


Organic Zucchini from Florida continues to produce high volumes, supplemented by Georgia product that started in May. Pricing will remain promotable through mid-May with strong availability. Organic Yellow Squash from Mexico are expected to remain available throughout May, but supplies have weakened, and pricing has increased. Domestic production should become more available through May.



Cal-Organic Aug 2022


Organic Blood and Navel Oranges are expected to finish for the season by early June, with a good crop of Organic Valencia Oranges waiting on the trees. Organic Grapefruit out of California will remain tight, especially on larger sizing. Organic Lemon prices remain promotable, and quality is good on late season California crop. Summer is typically when Organic Lemons are in very short supply, but the outlook is more favorable this year with fruit coming from Argentina and Mexico to supplement. Organic Lime prices are coming down slightly, but shippers are still struggling to get any real volume of large fruit. Organic Mandarins have finished for the season.



Organic Russet Potatoes are transitioning from Idaho to Colorado on both counts and bags. Colorado Organic Russet Potato sizing will be a bit smaller, producing more 90ct than 70ct on bulk from week to week. New crop Organic Russet Potatoes out of California will get started in mid to late-June.




As Georgia growers continue to harvest the Organic Vidalia Sweet Onion crop, the sizing profile is peaking on the smaller side this year. Jumbos will be on the smaller end of the spectrum, with a few dipping below the 3 inch threshold, and plenty of mediums to pack in bags. Organic Vidalia Sweet Onions will be in season through Memorial Day.

Stemilt Aug 2022


Organic Euro and Mini Seedless Cucumber prices are expected to remain steady and be promotable through May, and into June. Quality and availability are outstanding. Organic Cucumbers from Mexico continue with strong supplies in May, and promotable pricing. USA Organic Cucumbers are on the horizon for mid-May as North Carolina production is beginning and Georgia is set to start harvesting the second week of May. Supplies will be limited to begin but domestic production will ramp up quickly.


Organic Seedless Watermelon bins out of Mexico are now available, with quality on early fruit rated excellent as supplies are picking up. Fruit will be available starting this week and will be steady through the end of May. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons will continue to be available and fruit quality has been excellent, as heavier volumes center around 6ct and 9ct. Organic Cantaloupes out of Mexico show great quality with increased volumes ramping up in May, easing prices on both 9ct and 12ct. First of the season 5ct Organic Honeydew are available with great brix (sugar levels) and appearance.

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