OPN Connect Newsletter 256 · February 17, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 7, 2022



Global Organics Aug 2022

Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce remain in steady supply, as warmer temperatures and less demand have improved conditions. Organic Romaine Hearts pricing is expected to decrease throughout the month. Quality remains excellent, with promotional opportunities available. Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce from Florida are experiencing lighter supplies following colder temperatures in early February. Pricing will be on the rise after weeks of promotional opportunities.


Organic Ambrosia Apples will transition from Washington to Canada this month. Organic Gala and Honeycrisp Apples supplies are tightening as growers sort and pack from their controlled atmosphere storage rooms. Expect prices to rise before imports start mid to late May. On the premium variety Organic SugarBee, Opal, Envy, and Cosmic Crisp Apples remain in good supply.

Chelan Aug 2022


Organic Celery supplies and costs continue to improve from southern growing regions. Mid- to late February will experience further price decreases, as yields improve. Promotional opportunities on Organic Celery and Celery Hearts will be available throughout the month, as quality from the desert growing region has been outstanding.

Misionero Aug 2022

Colored Peppers

Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Mexico continue to yield stable supplies on excellent quality. Promotional opportunities are available. Organic Colored Bell Peppers from Mexico are seeing lighter supplies and price increases in mid-February. Organic Colored Bell Peppers from Israel continue to experience steady supplies and are trading at a premium over Mexico product. Expect top-notch quality from this growing region, and a great supplement to Mexican Peppers as supplies tighten.



Cal-Organic Aug 2022


Organic Tommy Atkins Mangos and Peruvian Organic Kent Mangos will be available mid-month, on higher pricing. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos from Mexico are also available on higher prices but should start to drop by the beginning of March. Organic Pineapple supplies and prices will be steady for the remainder of the month.



Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes from Quebec are improving in volume, with quality rated as outstanding. Organic Heirlooms and Darkloom Tomatoes from Mexico continue to be available on steady supplies and outstanding quality. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida will be in short supply following cool temperatures. Long term prorates on this item are not anticipated as the plants are expected to make a recovery from the frost. Organic Roma Tomatoes supplies will tighten heading into the middle of February. Quality has been outstanding out of Mexico.




Organic Lemons, Blood Oranges, Cara Cara, and Navel Oranges are in good supply with promotional opportunities available. Organic Mandarin prices remain firm on decent quality and availability. Elevated prices will continue through the end of the season in late April or early May. Organic Lime prices continue to be expensive and expected to remain high until better supplies this spring.

Stemilt Aug 2022

Brussels Sprouts

Organic Fair-Trade Brussels Sprouts from Mexico are in excellent condition with strong supplies, stable pricing, and excellent quality. This is a great opportunity to promote Organic Fair-Trade Brussels Sprouts while the overall market continues to experience light supplies. UPC’d 1lb mesh bag Organic Brussels Sprouts have returned after a seasonal hiatus.

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