OPN Connect Newsletter 251 · January 13, 2022

Organic Market Update

Week 2, 2022


Brussels Sprouts

WestFresh Distributing May 2022

Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico will return to consistent supplies after some interruptions in harvest and packing, as well as freight difficulties during the holidays. Pricing will be elevated in January, with lighter supplies and strong demand, but is expected to be short lived as seasonal shippers begin their programs. Look for Fair Trade options beginning in early January. Organic Brussels Sprouts in mesh bags will be available in late January.


Organic Eggfruit, Organic Starfruit (Carambola), Organic Sapodilla, and Organic Yuca is available from South Florida.  Premium Florida Organic Grown Turmeric will be in stock through January. Organic Drink & Eat Cocos and Coconut Chunks are also available for January. The last of the Organic Pomegranates from California will be available for the next couple of weeks.

Miller Chemical May 2022


Organic Cilantro is experiencing growth and sizing issues, hampering harvests in California, with most shippers gapping for the first two weeks of January. Organic Dill and Flat Leaf Parsley have suffered quality issues in the Southeast, while sizing issues and extra demand has impacted California supplies. Organic Flat Parsley is available from Florida, in extremely limited quantities. Volumes should improve in mid- January. Expect price increases and gaps in supplies on all these commodities in mid-January.

NatureSafe May 2022

Green Beans

Organic Green Beans from Mexico is returning to steady supplies, with volumes expected to remain consistent throughout the month after a brief gap of supply due to freight difficulties and holiday harvest schedules. Pricing is expected to remain consistent in January.



Divine Flavor May 2022


Organic Heirloom and the popular “Darkloom” Tomato volumes out of Central Mexico are coming on strong. Quality is excellent and volumes should allow for affordable pricing for much of January. Florida-grown Organic Grape Tomatoes show steady with production for early January, with outstanding quality.  Organic Cherry, Rainbow Cherry, and Gold Grape Tomatoes are available from Florida with good supplies and quality. Organic Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes continue with steady availability from Mexico. One of Quebec's main greenhouse growers will have a gap in production in mid-January, which is impacting the overall price. Organic Roma Tomatoes remain steady and are just starting to drop in price as Mexico production continues to ramp up. Quality has been excellent. Mexican Fair-Trade Organic Cherry-on-the-Vines (Brites) and Medley Snack Tomatoes (Kaleidos) remain available, and Organic Campari Cocktail Tomatoes are also selling well this time of year.

Global Organics Group May 2022


Organic Strawberry prices and demand remain strong on limited CA production following heavy rains in growing regions. Limited production out of Florida is helping supplies.  Markets are expected to remain this way through the end of the month.



Cal-Organic May 2022


Organic Color Bell Peppers from Mexico have begun to see strong harvests with promotional opportunities available in mid-January. Organic Green Peppers from Florida are at peak supplies, with quality and availability expected to remain strong in January. Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Florida also see steady supplies and outstanding quality. Organic Mexican Mini Sweet Peppers are beginning to see production strengthen, with pricing and availability expected to improve in mid-January. Mexico Fair-Trade Organic Chili Peppers are coming into season with Anaheim, Cherry Bomb, and Serrano varieties, with Florida Organic Jalapeno also available.


Organic Zucchini and Yellow Squash production from Mexico remains steady. Colder weather in early January delayed some harvest but should not affect supplies. Quality and availability should remain strong in mid-January, with slight price increases expected in mid to late January.


Organic Greens and Lettuce from Florida remain in strong production, with quality at its peak and pricing promotions available.  Organic Romaine Hearts and Organic Iceberg Lettuce from SoCal/Yuma growing regions are in steady production, but little price relief because demand remains strong. Quality, availability, and pricing will all be steady for the next several weeks.

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