OPN Connect Newsletter 245 · November 25, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 47, 2021


Specialty Citrus

Starr Ranch December 2021

Organic Grapefruit and Navel Oranges will be in good supply following Thanksgiving and into December. Overall, a smaller crop of Organic Navel Oranges in California will keep prices on the higher side, with good quality expected. Organic Satsuma Mandarins have started out slowly due to rain, but things are improving, and excellent supplies should be expected for December promotion. The first California Organic Clementine Mandarins will begin in early December. New crop Mexican Organic Juice Oranges will start up with “Early Sweets” variety, with Excellent supplies expected.


Organic Grape Tomatoes remain promotable through November, as Florida growers continue to harvest strong volumes on outstanding quality. Organic Rainbow Cherry Medley Tomatoes are available on steady supplies. Florida is also shipping Organic Sungold Orange and Golden Grape Tomatoes, with excellent quality on both. Organic Cherry Tomato supplies will be a little lighter through late November, with Organic Cluster Tomatoes promotable the rest of the month. Supplies are plentiful from Mexico and Canada with low demand on excellent quality. Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes continue to be available out of Canada with steady pricing. Quality has been outstanding on the new crop.

Wish Farms December 2021


Organic Romaine and Leaf Lettuce yields from California are improving, with quality, pricing, and availability better. As December approaches, Florida production will begin on Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Green Butter, Red Butter, and Romaine Lettuce. Organic Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine Hearts will experience improved availability and pricing in December, as more growers complete their transition.

Global Organics Group December 2021

Green Beans

Organic Green Beans continue to improve in volume throughout various growing regions. Production from Florida, Mexico, and California are available, with Mexico the main growing region in early December. Pricing will remain elevated heading into December.



Heliae December 2021


Organic Mangos from Ecuador are now available the week of 11/22 and will be in steady supply through the end of November. Organic Hass Avocado supplies have been excellent, and Prices have been steady on excellent quality. Equal Exchange Organic Fair-Trade Hass Avocados from Mexico are available in 48ct and 60ct and Organic Pineapple supplies will be ample through the end of the month. Organic Royal Star Papayas from Mexico will be limited as supplies tightened due to delayed harvests.

NatureSafe December 2021

Sweets and Potatoes

Quality out of California on all Organic Sweet Potatoes is excellent. Organic Russet Potatoes, show outstanding quality during this peak time of season. Organic Gold and Red Potatoes have been a challenge in securing trucks out of Canada. Both varieties are looking nice on quality, but supplies could tighten due to logistics challenges.



State of Organic Produce December 2021

Cucumber and Zucchini

Mexican Organic Cucumber, Zucchini, and Yellow Squash are in full production and supplies will be promotable on strong availability and quality. Organic Cucumbers and Zucchini from Florida continue in steady supply. Organic Cucumbers will remain extremely limited, but Organic Zucchini volumes continue to grow.

Ocean Mist December 2021


Organic Asparagus prices are rising as Harvests out of Mexico are slowing down quickly and demand is becoming stronger. Quality has been nice, but markets are expected to be very short in December.

State of Organic Produce December 2021

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