OPN Connect Newsletter 241 · October 28, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 43, 2021


Sweets and Potatoes

NatureSafe September 2023

With fall weather setting in, consumers shift their mindset towards baking and roasting recipes. At the same time, peak season is here for Organic Sweet Potatoes and Organic Potatoes. California growers have only a few more weeks left to finish digging this year’s Organic Sweet Potato crop.  While there is still a lot of products to come out of the ground, the quality has been outstanding and now is a fantastic time to promote, as all varieties are now in peak supply with excellent promotional opportunities through January. Organic Red and Orange skin, White, Japanese, and Stokes Purple Sweet Potato varieties are available, along with bags, microwaveable options, and mixed baby packs. The first arrival of Manitoba grown Organic Red, and Gold Potatoes arrive later this month, with quality much improved from this new region.  Pricing will also start to ease off with the start of Manitoba Organic Color PotatoesOrganic Russet Potatoes are in steady supply from Wisconsin and Colorado. Organic Baby Potatoes (1-Bite Red, Gold, and Medley) are in peak season from California.

Fall Fruit

Organic Cranberries show excellent supplies and quality available through the holidays. Organic Pomegranates from California continue to be promotable in 24 28ct size and 30-36ct and Organic Pomegranate Arils are also available now through the winter. Organic Hachiya and Fuyu Persimmons are both in season and available now.

Vitalis September 2023

Warm Veg

Organic Eggplant and Organic Green Bell Pepper harvests have begun in Florida. Strong yields are expected as the season begins and will continue to grow in November. Stable supplies and pricing with top-notch quality is to be expected through-out the season. Organic Jalapeños from Florida have also begun harvesting and steady supplies are expected.

Braga Fresh September 2023


Organic Zucchini production from Florida remains plentiful with strong volumes, promotable pricing, and excellent quality expected to continue into November. Mexican supplies will become available in early November. Organic Yellow Squash has decreased yields from the Carolinas. With harvests from Mexico increasing, expect supplies to shift to this growing region with disruption of price.



Chelan Fresh September 2023


Organic Cantaloupes are back in steady supply with new crop fruit from Mexico. Mostly 9ct will be available heading into November, but sizing will drop back to mostly 12ct. Quality has been very nice on our first arrival from Mexico. Organic Honeydews are off to a slower start from Mexico, with supplies expected to increase heading into the last week of October.

Lakeside Organic September 2023


Organic Lemons markets are split, with some cheap Mexican fruit pulling markets down, while good supplies of excellent quality California fruit is available Organic Grapefruit is ramping up out of California, but smaller sizes are more prevalent. Mexico and additional California growing areas are expected to ramp up in November, with prices expected to come down on excellent quality. The first Mexican and California Organic Navel Oranges are expected in the first two weeks of November, as well as some Mexican Organic Juice Oranges.




The first of the season new crop Organic Envy Apples 27lb euro cases out of Washington are now available, and steady supplies with excellent quality are expected. This adds to the specialty apple assortment that now includes Organic Lady Alice, Opal, Rockit, SugarBee, and SweeTango. The first of the season new crop Washington Organic Pink Lady Apples have arrived with excellent quality and steady supplies expected. Fresh crop Organic Heirloom Apple varieties from Oregon are now available, including Organic Arkansas Black, Golden Russett, and Northern Spy varieties.

OGS 2023 Reg Open


Organic Leaf and Romaine Lettuce supplies remain limited from California with no relief expected until transitioning South. Supplies from Québec will continue into early November, with the season winding down in mid- November. Pennsylvania and New Jersey supplies are available in limited quantities to supplement California supplies. Organic Romaine Hearts and Organic Iceberg Lettuce will remain limited heading into November. Expect increased pricing because of limited California product.


Organic Colored Bell Peppers are in a transition period, as most Canadian shippers prepare to finish their crop by mid-November. Both Israel and Mexico seasons will begin to build supplies in late October as primary volumes will shift to these growing regions. Organic Mini Mix Peppers from Ohio and Pennsylvania are finished for the season. Supplies from Mexico will be available on higher pricing.


Organic Purple Brussels Sprouts from Mexico are back in stock, with Organic Brussels Sprouts supplies from Mexico expected to remain strong into November. Quality has been excellent on 10lb and 25lb cases, however pricing is likely to increase heading toward Thanksgiving.  New York product will also be available to supplement supplies.

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