OPN Connect Newsletter 239 · October 14, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 41, 2021



Global Organics Oct 2022

Organic Citrus’ outlook is positive, with Organic Lemons out of Mexico and California in good supply and prices declining. California Organic Grapefruit has started in a small way, with limited in volume until November. New crop Mexican Organic Valencia Oranges should get started by the end of this month, and then followed by new crop California Organic Navel OrangesOrganic Satsuma Mandarins are expected to arrive by November. Steady supplies of Mexican Organic Limes are expected this month.


Organic Blackberries continue to transition from old crop California to new crop Mexico, with steady supplies out of both regions, and better volumes expected toward the end October. Organic Blueberry supplies are steady out of California, Argentina, and Peru, with outstanding bloom, size, and taste on the new crop imported fruit. Supplies should ramp up as we move through October and prices should ease alongside. Organic Raspberries continue in limited supply with high prices. This is expected to continue through December when a transition to new Baja crop happens.  Organic Strawberries are experiencing a very small peak in supplies, and then expected to tighten significantly, causing prices to rise the end of October or early November.

CSP Oct 2022


Organic Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine Lettuces are experiencing slightly stronger yields in mid-October, but overall supplies remain low. Pricing and availability from California are expected to improve as October continues, with consistent quality projected.  Mid to late-November is the expected start of the Florida Lettuce season.

North Bay Oct 2022


Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico have steady volumes and improved pricing. Promotional opportunities on Organic Brussels Sprouts will be available throughout October and quality will be excellent. Organic Purple Brussels Sprouts will be available beginning the middle of the month.



Chelan Fresh Oct 2022


Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes are available from Mexico and Canada. Canadian greenhouse production is down, with greater supplies available from Mexico. Canada is expected to have improved supplies later this Fall. Organic Cluster Tomatoes are available out of Mexico, with Canadian production sporadic on unexpected delay in harvests. Organic Grape Tomato prices are high this week as east coast production has finished up, and Florida production is not expected to start until early November. Mexico is also harvesting, but supply chain issues keep availability limited. South Carolina has some availability and quality is excellent. Organic Campari Tomatoes out of Mexico are available with steady supplies, and Organic Vine Ripe Tomatoes from PA continue to be available. These high tunnel, locally grown tomatoes are excellent quality and flavor, as backyard gardens finish up for the season.

Vitalis Oct 2022

Apples and Pears

Organic Premium Apples now available, including Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Swee-Tango Apples.  Organic Bartlett, Bosc, Starkrimson Red PearsOrganic Asian Pears and Seckel Pears are in peak season out of California. During mid-October, we will welcome the long-awaited new crop of Organic Gold Delicious, Opal, Sugar Bee, and RockIt Apples; and from Washington expect good availability of Organic Anjou, Concorde, and Seckel Pears.



Hard Squash

Organic Hard Squash is in full swing from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin farms! The exciting Organic Honeynut Squash variety has very promotable supplies for the next couple weeks.   It’s extremely sweet, with a nutty flavor and a buttery texture. Organic Spaghetti Squash is more limited this year.

Eagle Protect Oct 2022


California grown Organic Magenta Dragon Fruit will be available during mid-October. Ecuador grown Organic Yellow Pitahaya Dragon Fruit will also have some in-and-out availability throughout October. Organic Mangos from Mexico are done for the season, with only some limited supplies of higher priced Organic California Keitt Mangos available.  Expect occasional out of stocks until new crop Ecuador product arrives to the US later this month. Organic Pineapples will be steady through October in both 6ct and 8ct. Organic Drink & Eat Coconuts and Coco-nut Chunks will be out of stock for the month of October due to container delays. Organic Kiwano Melons and Organic Passion Fruit will be available this month.

Soft Squash

Organic Zucchini yields are strong from Florida, with promotional opportunities on increased volumes and improved pricing. Organic Yellow Squash from South Carolina volumes have also improved and promotional opportunities to pair with Zucchini are available. Quality from South Carolina has been stellar in October!

Fall Fruit

Organic Pomegranates from California are now promotable and Organic Pomegranate Arils are back in season though the rest of 2021. Organic Fuyu Persimmons will be in season and available shortly. In mid-October the cone shaped Organic Hachiya Persimmons come into season. The first of the season Organic Cranberries are now available and Organic Kiwi Berries continue in peak season.

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