OPN Connect Newsletter 234 · September 9, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Revol Greens Begins Planting in Its Sustainable California Greenhouse

Revol Greens’ national growth strategy continues to germinate with the inaugural planting at its recently completed Tehachapi, California greenhouse. In mid-September, the company will complete its first harvest of a wide variety of organic baby leaf and head lettuce in the 64-acre greenhouse. The brand’s new West Coast presence will service retailers and restaurants throughout the region.    Read More

2. New Hampshire Organic Farming Association Celebrates 50 Years

Stemilt September 2021

New pests driven north by climate change. Drought followed by record-breaking rain. Large competitors that charge lower prices while capitalizing on a trendy label. These are just some of the 21st century challenges facing the state’s organic farmers, as the New Hampshire chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) honors 50 years of promoting organic food.    Read More

3. Rainier Fruit Sees Continued Demand for Organic Apples

Family-owned-and-operated Rainier Fruit has been honing its craft for generations, which is why the company has been so successful for more than 120 years. “At our core, we are apple growers; that’s the foundation of Rainier,” said Blake Belknap, vice president of sales for the Selah, WA-based company.    Read More


Organics Unlimited September 2021

4. Increased Movement on Northwest Organic Peaches

Northwest organic peaches are seeing particularly strong demand this season. “Usually, demand is pretty even between peaches and nectarines. But this year we saw a real uptick in peach sales—maybe 20 percent year over year versus some other varieties of stone fruit,” says Brian Keogh of Eugene, OR-based Organically Grown Co. He attributes some of that increased movement to the excitement from the bumper apricot crop in the Northwest and the quality of the California peach season.   Read More

5. ‘Radio Organic’ – Sound Bites from the Organic Community

The CCOF Foundation is pleased to partner with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and The Farmers Beet to launch their new podcast "Radio Organic"! Join CCOF for the pilot series centered around direct-marketing strategies for farms. In each episode, the hosts will chat briefly with long-time organic farmers on marketing techniques that have helped them run successful, resilient organic farms.    Read More

Starr Ranch September 2021

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