OPN Connect Newsletter 234 · September 9, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 36, 2021


Sweet Potatoes

Stemilt September 2021

The 2021 harvests of Organic Sweet Potato started out a bit slower this season but are now ramping up to get the crop out of the ground before the cold winter weather sets in. California expects good quality products as the dry conditions have been favorable. Organic Sweet Potatoes are expected to be abundant for fall/winter promotions on bulk #1 size and mini microwave packs.


Organic Lettuces from California continue to struggle entering September. Many suppliers are experiencing light supplies or gapping completely due to heat and other quality defects. Conditions are expected to remain limited until mid to late September. Quebec product will be a steady supplement through September. Organic Romaine Hearts from California are also suffering, resulting in higher pricing. Supplies are expected to be limited through September. Organic Iceberg Lettuce supplies from Quebec will be gapping in early September. Supplies from California will be limited and expensive.

Organics Unlimited September 2021

Colored Peppers

Organic Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers from Canada continue to see excellent supplies, while Holland has begun harvesting again. Pricing is elevated slightly from August, with quality rated as outstanding.

Red Sun Farms September 2021


California Organic Grapes are arriving with exceptional quality. This is the organic fruit item to highlight most prominently in September while the crop is at its best!



Starr Ranch September 2021


Organic Pomegranates from California will be available starting this week. Look for 30-36ct fruit to start, with larger sizing as more product becomes available.

NatureSafe September 2021

Brussels Sprouts

Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico continue to see steady supplies starting September. Expect supplies to continue to improve, as well as pricing, with promotional opportunities available.

Apples and Pears

The Pacific Northwest new crop Organic Apples and Pears transition is underway, with storage crop packing winding down and a full transition to packing fresh crop varieties like Organic Gala and Honeycrisp Apples (bulk and bagged), as well as Organic Bartlett and Starkrimson (Red) Pears (bulk). Also expected the early part of September is the Organic SweeTango Apple. By the end of the month, expect excellent supplies of new crop Organic Gold Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith Apples, as well as Organic Anjou and Bosc Pears.


Organic Mini Watermelons are beginning to firm up out of California as harvests finish up for the season. New plantings will start in September, but there will be a gap in production during the transition. Organic Watermelons continue in season from Pennsylvania and Ohio, but production will be slowing down very quickly. Organic Cantaloupes are in extremely short supply, as growers in California are in a gap. Organic Honeydew from California have nice quality and are in better supply than cantaloupes.

Valent September 2021


New crop Organic Russet Potatoes are in season and quality is very nice from growers in Washington. Large counts continue to be more limited than smaller sized product. Organic Red Potato bags are plentiful, but growers in Washington are struggling with their Organic Red Potato crop. Organic Red A-size Potatoes will be more limited for September. Organic Gold Potatoes from Washington, on the other hand, are in steady supply with outstanding quality. 

Decco September 2021
OGS September 2021
Duncan September 2021

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