OPN Connect Newsletter 233 · September 2, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Increasing Costs Pressure Organic Banana Growers and Shippers

Supplies of organic bananas are in peak production currently. “A storm and hurricane did impact farms in our growing areas. But thanks to being at peak production, there is a lot of fruit, and we have been able to offset any storm damage as our farms have recovered,” says Mayra Velazquez de León of Organics Unlimited based in San Diego, CA.    Read More

2. Oregon Organic Kiwi Berries Coming On Next Month

With the crop coming on mid-September, this year’s crop of kiwi berries looks similar in volume to last year’s crop. “The crop this year is looking to provide excellent quality and size,” says Cat Gipe-Stewart of Superfresh Growers based in Yakima, WA. “We have a nice canopy, creating shade and protecting fruit from the elements, also helping with good size. The brix is looking good—we will have very sweet berries.”    Read More

3. Natural Grocers Honors Organic Harvest Month in September

In honor of Organic Harvest Month in September, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is renewing its fundraising partnership with nonprofit Beyond Pesticides. The retailer will also provide its customers with discounts on organic products, free nutrition education experiences, and, for power loyalty program members, free reusable shopping bags.    Read More


Vitalis December 2023

4. Peru Expects Big Boost in Organic Blueberry Exports in 2021-2022

Daniel Bustamante Canny, President of the Association of Blueberry Producers from Peru (Proarandanos) says there will be more organic blueberries from Peru this season. The 2020-2021 organic crop represented 4 percent of total Peruvian blueberries exported (6,500 tons), and this season it is expected to represent 9 percent of the total (19,000 tons), almost tripling in volume.   Read More

5. Aquaponics Hobby Grows into Organic Vegetable Business

Patrick Hansen’s interest in aquaponics began as a hobby. He started growing lettuce, and that grew into Valor Aquaponics LLC. In December 2019, he officially started the company, working with business partner Devin Johnson to grow an assortment of organic lettuces, microgreens, herbs, and vegetables while raising yellow perch and rainbow trout.    Read More

Chelan Fresh December 2023

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