OPN Connect Newsletter 224 · July 1, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 26, 2021



Stemilt September 2021

Organic Grapes from Mexico are in peak season with excellent quality and volume heading into July.   Organic Green & Red Seedless Grapes are ideal for 4th of July display building. There is a split market on Organic Red Seedless Grapes with lower pricing on medium-sized Red Flames.    This coming week will be an excellent time to add big flavor specialty variety Organic Grapes, including Candy Hearts (red color with fruity-sweet Muscat flavor), Cotton Candy (green-amber color with sticky sweet cotton candy notes to the taste), and Jelly Berries (purple-black color bursting with grape jam flavor). A smooth transition to fresh crop California Organic Grapes is expected in early to mid-July.


Organic Blueberries from New Jersey are in season, and in the Pacific Northwest they have begun harvesting one of their biggest crops ever.  Plenty of promotional opportunities on pints, for the month of July and into early August, weather permitting.  Organic Strawberries have seen shorter shelf-life due to the heat in the Western US.  Better quality and condition on Organic Strawberries from the Salinas/Watsonville area is available.  The heat wave has affected the new California Organic Blackberries and Raspberries crops, causing some weak fruit and softness. Some cooler temps are coming, with volumes expected to rebound during early July, with a second production peak in August.

Organics Unlimited September 2021


Organic Celery market conditions continue to improve, with supply volume and quality strong heading into July.   Pricing as July 4th approaches is aggressive and with strong availability. Organic Celery Heart supplies remain steady in June, with aggressive pricing expected as July begins.

Red Sun Farms September 2021


Organic Cherry and Grape Tomatoes continue to be promotable, as quality and flavor are exceptional. Organic Snacking Tomatoes are available, with “Poppies” Cherryon- the-Vine and Mini Snacking Medley “Kaleidos” available and showing excellent. Organic Roma Tomato markets will ease off some as North and South Carolina production starts up. Overall quality has been excellent. Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes from Canada are in steady production with excellent quality.  Prices of Organic Cluster Tomato from Canada are rising as production begins to slow down. Quality has been excellent.



Starr Ranch September 2021


Organic Mangos are in peak season from Mexico with abundant supplies on 9ct, 10ct, and especially 12ct. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos continue with peak volumes on 16-18ct through early July. Out of Haiti, Organic Fair Trade Francique Mangos continue in season through early July. Organic Hass Avocados are coming from Mexico, California, and Peru resulting in excellent supplies.  Organic Jackfruit from Florida is now available heading into July.

NatureSafe September 2021


Organic Greens from Pennsylvania continue to experience outstanding yields heading into July. Expect plentiful supplies and promotion opportunities throughout the month on items such as Chards, Fennel, Parsleys, Kales, and Dandelions.

Sweet Corn

Organic Bi-Color Sweet Corn is making a smooth transition into East Coast production. As the summer continues, expect supplies to move up the East Coast, with Pennsylvania and New York production expected in mid to late July.


Organic Euro Seedless and Mini Seedless Cucumber prices will be promotable, as harvests out of Canada are strong and quality is excellent. Organic Cucumber production in the Carolinas had a small disruption in production due to weather and made a quick recovery. Expect to see steady pricing and availability into July. Production will continue to move North throughout the summer.

Valent September 2021


Local Organic Lettuces from Pennsylvania are coming to an end as July approaches. Although it was a short PA season due to heat, New York and Quebec production is right behind. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuces have mostly concluded for the local season, with steady supplies from California available at promotable prices. However, conditions can change quickly with extremely heat expected in California growing regions.


Organic Stone Fruit is in peak season, with Organic Dark Sweet and Rainier Cherries kicking into high gear on production out of Washington. Pouch bag and top-seal clamshell options are available. In California, there are plentiful supplies of Organic Apricots, White and Yellow Peaches, White and Yellow Nectarines, Donut Peaches, Black and Red Plums, and Pluots.

Decco September 2021
OGS September 2021
Duncan September 2021

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