OPN Connect Newsletter 222 · June 17, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. What Are the Top 5 States for Organic Vegetable Production?

It’s no surprise California is an organic vegetable powerhouse. It boasts a full 60 percent of all organic acres harvested in the US. But you may be surprised how other states stack up. Using data from USDA’s recently released organic report, here are the states with the most organic farms, harvested acres, and sales. Interestingly, only two states make all three lists.     Learn More

2. Organic WA Blueberries Annual Volume Grows

Global Organics Oct 2022

Michael McMillan of Bridges Organic Produce, based in Portland, Oregon, said of his company’s blueberry production: “The growing conditions so far have been excellent. We have had a bit of heat in the last few days, but everything is fine. The weather seems cooler for the next 10 days, so these are ideal conditions.” The harvest is likely to start at the usual time, between June 15 and 25 and should be shipped until the middle to the second half of September.     Read More

3. Todd Linsky Launches New Media Platform

For the many busy produce champions looking to soak up all the industry knowledge they can, Todd Linsky, CEO of TLC and a 35-plus-year produce veteran, has launched TLC Presents: Todd-versations, a new broadcast that kicked off this week on YouTube and all major podcasting sites.     Read More


CSP Oct 2022

4. Maryland Inmates Grow Organic Produce for Local Families

Their work begins just after 8 am each day. Five or six men are assigned to tend to each of three gardens, where more than a dozen varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown. There’s no irrigation system. The men do it all—from manually watering the crops to pulling weedsas they work toward harvesting thousands of pounds of organic produce each year.               Read More

5. Foxy Organic Vegetables Back in Nevada

It’s that time of yearFoxy Organic Vegetables are in production in Yerington, Nevada. From late May to mid-October there is no better place to grow organic produce than out of Yerington. The high elevation, mild climate, fertile soil, and abundance of quality water make for an ideal location for growing the best organic vegetables in the US.       Read More

Chelan Fresh Oct 2022

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