OPN Connect Newsletter 222 · June 17, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 24, 2021



Global Organics Oct 2022

Organic Strawberries are big and beautiful with steady supplies expected through June and providing a great opportunity to promote excellent quality California Organic Strawberries. Organic Blackberries and Raspberries are readily available with a transition from Mexico to fresh crop CA summer production. Organic Blueberries have tightened up as Mexico, California, and southern East Coast production begins to wind down some. By late June, Organic Blueberries will become much more readily available with harvests beginning in New Jersey and the Pacific Northwest. Once the Oregon and Washington season ramps up, expect outstanding promotional opportunities during July.


Mexican Organic Black, Green, and Red Seedless Grapes are in excellent supply, with promo opportunities through mid-June. Organic Cotton Candy Grapes and Gummy Berry Grapes—super sweet and premium flavor—are now in season.

CSP Oct 2022


Organic Grape and Cherry Tomatoes are readily available with promotable supplies. Harvests out of Georgia are outstanding, with quality and availability rated as excellent. Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes and Cluster Tomatoes supplies remain steady, and quality has been excellent from Canada. Organic Roma Tomatoes are also available from Canadian hothouses with excellent quality.

North Bay Oct 2022


Organic Apples are transitioning from storage crop Washington fruit to imported fruit out of Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand. This trend should continue heading into July until all varieties have transitioned. Overall, expect steady supply of excellent quality fruit until the end of August/early September, when new crop Washington apple production will begin.



Chelan Fresh Oct 2022


Organic Red, Yellow, and Orange Bell Peppers continue to yield steady supplies and excellent quality. Promotable volume and pricing from Canada will be available through June. Organic Jalapeño Pepper production from Georgia has started with consistent supplies and excellent quality expected to grow.   Organic Green Peppers remain in strong supply for June from Georgia, with steady availability and pricing, expected for the reminder of the month. Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Mexico remain in consistent supplies, with pricing expected to rise through June.

Vitalis Oct 2022

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli availability remains promotable as California has good supplies, as East Coast volumes have dwindled. Organic Cauliflower production is plentiful following a few weeks of limited and high-priced supplies from California. Expect strong availability and price drops in June for an opportunity to promote alongside Broccoli.


Organic Celery supplies have increased with quality, and pricing improving as June continues. Freight costs remain an obstacle for promotable pricing, however with much improved conditions, promotional opportunities are available.


Organic Watermelons will have a small gap in mid-June as the Mexico growing season winds down and the new crop begins production out of California. Expect prices to be higher as the domestic season is just beginning and product is limited. Organic Black Seedless “Yumi” Watermelons will be available later this month. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons will be available, as the transition begins from Mexico to California grown product. Expect excellent quality on most watermelon varieties.

Eagle Protect Oct 2022


Yellow and White Nectarines are now in peak season from California, with fruit trending toward larger sizes through June and July. Organic Red and Black Plums and Organic Pluots are available in light volumes, with peak volumes and more promotion opportunities closer to the 4th of July. We will be transitioning from California to Washington on both Organic Dark Sweet and Rainier Cherries will begin transitioning from California to Washington in mid-June. Expect prices to come down with plenty of fruit to promote heading to July.

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