OPN Connect Newsletter 221 · June 10, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 23, 2021



Stemilt September 2021

Organic Hass Avocados supplies are steady, with California and Mexico both shipping to meet strong demand on excellent quality fruit. Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Hass Avocados from Peru will be available through June.  Organic Pineapples are in good supply for the beginning of June with promotional opportunities available on 8ct fruit.  Organic Lychee from Florida will have limited availability throughout June.


Organic Zucchini from Georgia continue to yield peak supply volume on outstanding quality and promotable opportunities. Organic Yellow Squash demand has surged to start the summer, creating a tighter overall market.

Organics Unlimited September 2021


Organic SunGold Kiwifruit are in full swing to start June in bulk and high-graphic clamshells. Organic Green Kiwifruit from New Zealand will be available the middle of the month, a little later than anticipated due to container delays.

Red Sun Farms September 2021


Organic Cantaloupes from Southern California are now in season, with outstanding quality. - nice straw color, thick webbing, and heavy weights. Organic Honeydew are available from Mexico, with the California season starting soon. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons continue to be very promotable from Mexico, and quality is excellent. Organic Seedless Watermelons will be short in supply in early June, as production is slowing down out of Mexico, with California harvests starting in the middle of June.


Starr Ranch September 2021

Organic Jalapeño Peppers from Georgia have started production with quality looking excellent.  Organic Green Peppers continue to yield stable supplies from Georgia, with consistent availability and pricing.  Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Mexico show steady supplies, but pricing is expected to rise in mid to late June. Organic Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers are in good supply and show excellent quality. Expect promotable volume and pricing from Canada in mid-June.


Organic Broccoli availability will remain stable through the middle of the month Although East Coast supplies have decreased in June, the market has not yet reflected the change in availability, as many California shippers remain plentiful. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli has seen supplies tighten in early June, with prices expected to rise.

NatureSafe September 2021

Sweet Corn

Organic Bi-Color Sweet Corn remains available from California. As the summer months continue, expect supplies to be sourced from the east as production moves up the coast.


Organic Fair Trade Haitian Mangos from Haiti are available in good supply, with opportunities to promote. Organic Mangos from Mexico saw increased supplies as growers in the Nayarit region began harvesting in greater numbers. Expect to see good availability of smaller sized fruit. Heading into mid-June, expect more volume of 10ct and 12ct. Organic Ataulfo Honey Mangos are also sizing smaller out of Mexico, with more 16- 18ct, and less 12-14ct.


Valent September 2021

Organic Apricots are expected to be in excellent supply the rest of June out of California, followed by Washington in July. Organic Dark Sweet Cherries are seeing decent volumes and quality out of California. Washington growers anticipate a strong season starting in mid-June, so there should be a smooth transition. California growers have struggled with their Organic Rainier Cherry crop, with the first fruit arriving with elevated pricing. California Organic Yellow & White Nectarines and Peaches are now in excellent supply with sizing starting to increase. Look for promotional pricing and volumes to kick in the week of 6/14. Organic Donut Peaches are in a gap between varieties until mid-June. Organic Red Plums and Flavorosa Pluots have started in a very light way and volumes will become steadier by mid-June, and then Organic Black Plums will join the mix too. South Carolina grown Organic White & Yellow Peaches are also in season, with some Organic Nectarines and 8/1lb Sugar Plums also available.

Decco September 2021
OGS September 2021
Duncan September 2021

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