OPN Connect Newsletter 216 · May 6, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 18, 2021



Stemilt September 2021

Organic Raspberry harvests are underway, and growers expect stable volumes through mid-June, with pricing projected to remain steady. Organic Blackberry volumes are finally starting to improve, with better availability expected for May. Pricing is not at promotable levels yet but may recalibrate as harvests get better. Organic Blueberries were a major struggle during April, but supplies should increase on production out of California and Georgia during May.  It will take a couple of weeks for the supply chain to fill up and prices to come down. Organic Strawberry supplies have been hampered by cold, heat, and other poor weather conditions. Growers continue to see quality problems in the fields and slow maturity, resulting in lower-than-expected volumes. Expect high pricing and poor fill rates through early May, followed by incremental improvements each week until growers hit better harvests in June.


Organic Bi-Color Sweet Corn is right around the corner as California is expected to begin harvests, with arrivals to the East Coast next week. Expect Organic White Corn production to start after Bi-Color harvest.

Organics Unlimited September 2021

 Stone Fruit

California Organic Cherries are expected to arrive on the East Coast later this week. Overall, the crop outlook has nice sizing and quality. Expect prices to stay elevated and steady until Washington gets started in late June or early July. California Organic Peaches will ramp up in May. Expect good, steady supplies out of California, but a smaller overall crop at higher prices due to covid issues, lack of labor, and high freight rates. Organic Apricots from California are expected to start packing this week, with a large crop and excellent quality expected.


Red Sun Farms September 2021

Organic Zucchini supplies continue to be abundant and promotable on outstanding quality from Florida. Organic Zucchini and Yellow Squash from Mexico decreased in supplies in the last month, with prices rising. As May begins, expect to see domestic supplies ramp up in volume with improved quality and pricing.


Organic Melons are back, but this May will be a little bit different than previous years. Organic Cantaloupes and Honeydews are expected to have decent volumes from Mexico through late May. The first arrivals have looked good, with the melons cutting nice and high brix (sugar levels). A new crop of Southern California Organic Melons will start around during mid-May, providing steady availability. Organic Mini and Full-Size Seedless Watermelons have returned from Mexico and quality has been exceptional with great color and sugar. Prices are higher than normal on limited early season production and high freight rates. Overall, there is less acreage planted this season as growers and shippers have not had great success the past few seasons. Prices are expected to stay strong with light availability throughout the season. Mexico plans to harvest full size Organic Seedless Melons through Memorial Day. California will start mid-June, resulting in a gap expected between growing regions.

Starr Ranch September 2021


Overall, Organic Broccoli supplies are plentiful on peak quality, with good pricing available. Colder temps in California’s Organic Broccoli growing region during mid-April are expected to slow harvest production and drive pricing up for mid-May. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli continue to produce strong supplies and Organic Broccoli Rabe supplies have remained stable. Expect pricing to rise slightly and supplies to tighten throughout early May.

NatureSafe September 2021


Organic Eggplant from Florida remains plentiful as May begins. Superb quality, with lower pricing and steady volumes, is the perfect combination for a promotion.


Organic Cucumbers from Mexico continue to see supplies improve as May begins. Organic Euro Seedless Cucumbers will be available on steady pricing. Canada has little production and Mexico continues to harvest strong numbers. Quality out of both areas has been very nice. Organic Mini Seedless Cucumber prices are very high. Growers had to replant, and new crops have not started yet, leading to a short gap.


Organic Mini Sweet Peppers from Mexico will see increased supplies and promotable pricing as May begins. Organic Green Pepper supplies are steady with new crop Coachella, CA harvest starting, but Florida growers have experienced a dip in production due to inclement weather. Expect supplies and pricing to remain stable for early May before Southeast supplies improve. Organic Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers continue to see increased pricing in early May, as Israel production has come to an end and Mexico supplies are very limited. Canada and Holland seasons have begun, but pricing is expected to remain elevated in May.

Valent September 2021


Organic Grape Tomatoes and Organic Cherry Tomatoes from Florida continue to be promotable on exceptional quality. Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes will be available, but supplies are slowing out of Florida. Organic Heirloom Tomatoes from Mexico continue to be available on steady supplies and great quality. Organic Roma Tomatoes are available from Florida and Mexico. Markets and supplies are steady, and quality has been good. Organic Beefsteak and Cluster Tomatoes grown in Canada continue to be promotable and quality has been excellent.

Decco September 2021
OGS September 2021
Duncan September 2021

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