OPN Connect Newsletter 214 · April 22, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 16, 2021


 East Coast Organic Veg Starting

Stemilt September 2021

Spring crop Organic Vegetables are starting in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with Organic Parsley, Cilantro, Dandelion, and Chards now available out of New Jersey. Pennsylvania has started harvesting Organic Bunched Spinach, Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Romaine Lettuce, Black Radishes, and Sunchokes.


Organic Strawberry prices are higher on cooler weather and stronger demand, with promotable prices not expected until late May or early June. Organic Blackberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry supplies continue to tighten, as extremely cold nights are not allowing fruit to mature. An industry-wide shortage of Organic Blackberries is expected through mid-May. Organic Blueberries and Raspberries supplies are expected to improve in early May as new crop California gets ramped up.

Organics Unlimited September 2021


Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli conditions are vastly improved, with plentiful supplies. Going forward, expect pricing to improve and with good promotional opportunities available. Organic Broccoli is also in steady supply with promotional opportunities. Harvest production has stayed strong throughout the transition to Salinas, CA with strong volumes expected through the remainder of the month. Organic Broccoli Rabe has remained stable, with steady pricing and supplies throughout the rest of the month.

Bok Choy

Red Sun Farms September 2021

Organic Bok Choy and Baby Bok Choy are in steady production as California shippers’ transition, creating slightly tighter supplies and even some gaps. Pricing is expected to normalize through the remainder of the month, with more promotional opportunities available as supplies increase.

Pears and Peaches

A new crop of Organic Pears out of Argentina, including Organic Abate, Green Anjou, Green Bartlett, Red Bartlett, and Bosc Pears have arrived. The first Organic Peaches are expected out of Ambercrest, California with production starting next week.

Starr Ranch September 2021


Organic Artichokes are in steady supply from Mexico on jumbo 12ct, with promotional pricing opportunities. Supplies and pricing will remain steady from now until June.

NatureSafe September 2021


New crop Organic Red and Gold Potatoes out of California are expected to start in mid-May. The end of the old crop of Organic Red Potatoes from other regions is here, with quality rated fair at best. Organic Gold Potatoes, on the other hand, will continue out of Manitoba, Canada on very nice quality without any gaps until new crop arrives. Organic Russet Potatoes will be a challenge as new crop typically does not start until the end of May or early June, and the old crop is starting to show weakness in appearance/quality.




Organic Hass Avocado pricing remains steady. California grown fruit is starting to ramp up production and will be a nice alternative for those who prefer domestic fruit heading into May.

Valent September 2021


Organic Celery and Celery Hearts continue with promotable pricing and plentiful supplies on both items.

Decco September 2021
OGS September 2021
Duncan September 2021

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