OPN Connect Newsletter 212 · April 8, 2021

Organic Market Update

Week 14, 2021


 East Coast Grown Transition Update

Vitalis April 2021

Florida is starting to see transition from winter to spring crops, with production ramping up later in the month from Georgia organic farms. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida continue to be available with excellent supplies and quality. Organic Cherry and Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes from Florida will be promotable as the spring season is starting to peak. Organic Gold Grape and Orange Cherry Tomatoes will also be available in early April. Organic Zucchini from Florida is beginning to yield more volume and consistency in early April with steady supplies on excellent quality. Production of Organic Romaine, Red & Green Leaf, and Butter Lettuce from Florida is beginning to wind down



Organic Red and White Onions continue to be in good supply out of Mexico with steady pricing. Organic Yellow Onions from Washington have increased in price due to strong Easter demand. “Sunion” Organic Sweet Onions will wrap up in early April, followed by a couple weeks of Organic Sweet Onions out of Mexico. Organic Vidalia Sweet Onions will start in mid-April, with the first loads arriving around April 22.

Wish Farms April 2021


Organic Celery and Celery Hearts are in abundant supplies. Excellent quality and promotable pricing provide a good opportunity to keep larger displays intact through ongoing promotion. Outstanding condition is expected to remain through mid-April.


Starr Ranch April 2021

Washington Organic Apple prices are in flux as some varieties begin to finish for the season like Golden Delicious and Opals. By mid-month, SugarBee will be finished too. Controlled atmosphere rooms are opening slowly as some varieties, like Granny Smith, are experiencing a demand exceeds supply situation and higher prices. Organic Fuji and Pink Lady Apples eased off in price during March and early April to keep volume moving. A new crop of Organic Apples from Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand looks to be shaping up, with supplies expected to begin in early May, including New Zealand Organic Galas and Grannys.

Green Beans

Organic Green Beans continue to experience steady supplies and pricing as April begins. 15lb Mexican Fair Trade and 25lb Domestic Green Beans are aggressively priced on excellent quality, providing the perfect opportunity to expand displays.

Heliae April 2021


Organic Asparagus remains promotable on steady supplies of excellent quality product from Mexico. Supplies will start to tighten in April as the Mexico season starts to wind down. New domestic production will follow.

NatureSafe April 2021


New crop of Argentinian Organic Abate Fetel, Anjou, Green Bartlett, Red Bartlett, and Bosc Pears are now available in consistent supply for April pear sets.



Shenandoah April 2021


Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce continue to see decent supplies with steady pricing and great quality. Expect pricing and quality conditions to remain consistent in early April.

Global Organics April 2021


Organic 1-bite Gold, Red, and Medley Potatoes are selling very well. The quick cooking time and lack of preparation makes these new items an easy win with shoppers.

Misionero April 2021
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