OPN Connect Newsletter 210 · March 25, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Judge Rules in Favor of USDA’s Certification of Organic Hydroponic Producers

The Coalition for Sustainable Organics (CSO) is ecstatic with the ruling issued last week by the US District Court in San Francisco that affirms the legality of US Department of Agriculture certification of organic hydroponic operations. The court in its written opinion stated that “USDA’s ongoing certification of hydroponic systems that comply with all applicable regulations is firmly planted in [the Organic Foods Production Act].”     Read More

2. Starr Ranch Growers Celebrates Spring with Juici Variety Promotion

Starr Ranch May 2021

Starr Ranch Growers is celebrating the first week of spring with marketing activities designed to generate buzz about the company’s exclusive JUICI apple. To support the spring Bites & Blooms promotion, the company is leveraging its social media channels and Harvest Home blog to host giveaways, share new JUICI spring recipes and collaborate with micro-influencers across the country.     Read More

3. Maine Prison Engages Inmates in Farming and Food Education

Mark McBrine, Food Service Manager at Mountain View, wanted to provide better food for the inmates in order to boost morale and mental health. The baking program gives inmates an opportunity to work in the prison kitchen, baking fresh bread, rolls, muffins, pizza crust, and other “homemade” treats that are healthier than the processed, packaged foods the facility had previously purchased and served to inmates.    Read More


Country Sweet Produce May 2021

4. Chelan Fresh’s Kevin Stennes Discusses the Growth of Its Organic Brand

With organics continuing to skyrocket in popularity, adding organic offerings to any produce section is a surefire way to drive key sales and shopper foot traffic. Here to help retailers is Chelan Fresh, which is bringing its expertise of five generations and 30 years of organic farming experience to produce aisles with its Cascade Crest Organics brand.      Read More

5. A Texas Grapefruit Farmer’s Organic Journey

On a cloudy, damp day in March, the smell of wet earth and fermented fruit hangs thick in the air at South Tex Organics farm in Mission, Texas, as a layer of grapefruit rots on the grove floor. Acres of carefully tended plants dropped their fruit due to the freeze that had swept Texas a few weeks prior, blanketing the ground in plump orbs of sweet citrus now unfit for harvest and sale.     Read More

Chelan Fresh May 2021

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