OPN Connect Newsletter 205 · February 18, 2021

Organic Market Update

Organic artichokes are back in season! Brussels sprouts from Mexico are a great promotional item through February, with a robust supply and fantastic quality. There are excellent supplies of tomatoes out of Florida, Mexico, and Canada.


Alpine Fresh Feb 2021

Organic Asparagus will be very promotable out of Mexico. Peak season production has started, and quality has been amazing. Sizing is peaking on standard to large, and most of the pack out on the organic is being shipped in 11lb cases. 


Organic Mandarins from California have fully transitioned into the Tango variety, with Murcotts coming in March. Bulk Organic Mandarins are also available, and some Stem & Leaf cases will be arriving around next week. First of the season Organic Gold Nugget Mandarins, known for their sweet taste and bumpy skins, will be in stock next week.

Misionero Feb 2021


Organic Romaine Hearts are coming into peak supply from Yuma, AZ. After a slow month and a half of light harvests and high pricing, mid to late-February should provide some promo volume and pricing. Organic Iceberg Lettuce is expected to see much improved pricing and supplies through the remainder of the month. Organic Green and Red LeafButter, and Romaine Lettuces are also in excellent supply from Florida and Arizona.


Starr Ranch Feb 2021

Organic Artichokes are back in season with supplies ramping up through the month. Quality is excellent, with promotional opportunities available.


Organic Mini Watermelons make their return from Mexico. Prices will be higher as new harvests have just begun but should decrease on increased production. Quality should be outstanding.

Heliae Feb 2021

Brussels Sprouts

Organic Brussels Sprouts from Mexico are in peak supply for the remainder of the month on both 10 and 25 lbs. cases. With excellent quality, the rest of February will be the perfect time to promote. Organic Purple Brussels Sprouts will be back in season starting this week.

NatureSafe Feb 2021


Florida growers of Organic Snacking Tomatoes are ramping up production as weather has improved. Organic Grape Tomatoes will be in much better supply for the rest of February. Organic Rainbow Cherry, Orange Cherry, and Gold Grape Tomatoes are also in season. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Mexico are now abundant with affordable pricing and decent quality. Organic Mixed Heirloom and Dark Heirloom Tomatoes will be promotable for the rest of February, on excellent quality for both varieties. Organic Beefsteak Tomato prices will be holding steady, as production out of Mexico has been limited. Organic Clusters are also available from Mexico and Canada, with excellent quality on both.



Shenandoah Feb 2021

Soft Squash

Organic Zucchini will be plentiful and poised for promotion the rest of February, as harvests have caught up following poor weather during January in Mexico. Organic Yellow Squash pricing is slightly elevated compared to Zucchini and expected to continue to rise during late February.

Valent Feb 2021


Organic Cauliflower quality remains excellent. Some shippers are in a period of light harvest, with pricing expected to remain reasonable for the rest of the month. Limited supply of Organic Orange Cauliflower is available.


Organic Formosa Papayas are in great supply out of Mexico. Similar in size and shape to a Tainung or Maradol varieties, Formosa papayas turn golden as they ripen, while keeping a greenish exterior. Their taste is very similar to the Maradol variety. This is an excellent fruit to promote during February and March.

Global Organics Group Feb 2021
State of Organic Produce 2020 promo

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