OPN Connect Newsletter 199 · January 7, 2021

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Organic Farming Pioneer Amigo Bob Cantisano Dies

Amigo Bob Cantisano, 69, an early pioneer of the organic farming movement whose accomplishments have been featured in National Geographic and the New York Times, died after an eight-year battle with cancer. It should come as no surprise to those who knew Cantisano that the man who spent decades as a “fierce advocate for the earth” made plans for his remains to be turned into compost to feed the soil.    Read More

2. EU Recognizes UK Organic Certification for One Year

Starr Ranch May 2021

After much uncertainty, the EU has decided to approve a regulation to recognize the UK’s six organic certification bodies as equivalent to its own until December 31, 2021, for the purpose of continuing the trade of organics. The decision means that the organic industry in the UK will be able to operate with more certainty throughout the next year.   Read More

3. California Organic Farmers Keep Up with Demand

Demand for organic produce continues to rise. How are growers scaling their production system to meet this demand while still maintaining certified organic standards?    Read More


Country Sweet Produce May 2021

4. The Boom in the Demand for Organic Ginger Is Strengthening Peru as a Supplier

Peru has been gaining ground in the global ginger market in recent years and become the world's fourth largest exporter of the rhizome. Ginger demand has experienced a strong rebound in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and the rising consumption of healthy food.     Read More

5. Why Few Farm Workers Isolate in California’s Free Covid-19 Hotel Rooms

In the first days of August, Fresno farm worker Brenda Yamileth lined up for a Covid-19 test alongside her mother and brother. Feverish and headachy, she held her 10-month-old daughter. Soon, all four tested positive. Yamileth quarantined with her baby in one bedroom of her Mendota house while her husband and 2½-year-old son slept in the other.    Read More

Chelan Fresh May 2021

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