OPN Connect Newsletter 175 · July 16, 2020

Top 5 Organic News to Help You Grow

1. Earl’s Organic Produce Proud to Help Local Communities

Since April 1st Earl’s Organic has donated a total of over 100 tons of produce to various organizations in the Bay Area on a weekly basis. It is with gratitude that we thank our donation partners, volunteers and local businesses for coming together to feed their communities in this time of health safety.     Read More

2. Root 24 Farms Launches Organic Blueberry Items

Starr Ranch June 2021

Sales of fresh organic blueberries continue to soar -up to 20% versus last year according to recent data from Category Partners, making them one of the Top 15 Organic Produce Categories at retail.    Read More

3. JV Smith Companies’ Operation Achieves EFI Certification

Promotora Agricola El Toro, a JV Smith Companies facility with more than 3,500 workers and nearly 10,000 acres, has recently achieved Equitable Food Initiative certification, becoming the largest operation to have done so.     Read More

4. OFRF and FFAR Announce Grants for Soil Health Research

Wish Farms June 2021

OFRF and FFAR are pleased to award three grants to researchers in California, Pennsylvania, and Texas to bolster soil health by developing innovative organic strategies for controlling weeds, pests, and disease. OFRF and FFAR formed a partnership in 2019 to increase funding for research that improves soil health and reduces environmental impacts.   Read More

5. Misionero Introduces Green Wave Brand

Misionero’s portfolio has grown alongside its brand offerings, as the company continues to build out its product lines beyond salads and leafy greens. Its labels include Green Wave Farms, Earth Greens, and Garden Life, all of which collectively focus on value-added products, innovations, and consumer satisfaction.     Read More

Chelan Fresh June 2021

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