OPN Connect Newsletter 164 · April 30, 2020

Campos Borquez Expanding Organic Line

Campos Borquez was born into farming. The family-owned grower and distributor of premium produce is committed to long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and loyalty. The core of its business is rooted in hard work, determination, tenacity and a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Borquez Family

“We have been doing so for four generations. Our greatest passion in it is how we interact life itself in various levels—with the plants, the people and the soil,” said Pablo Borquez, the company’s CEO. “We work hard to warrant top quality all throughout the value chain. From regenerative practices in our soil up to the retailer’s door. We have built our own distribution company in the U.S. This has been operating successfully for the past two and a half years.”

Alpine Fresh Feb 2021

Pablo Borquez, CEO, Campos Borquez

The company grows organic asparagus during eight months of the year and has grape and celery organic production, with organic avocado trees on their way to full production.

Campos Borquez employees

Misionero Feb 2021

“Around four years ago, we started our own subsidiary company to produce organic certified bioproducts that could improve the technology and efficiency with which we nurture our plants organically and work to regenerate life in the soil,” Borquez said. “These are high in demand superfoods that play an essential part on our home’s basket as we try to feed our families with nutritious diets.”

Campos Borquez expects early, strong grape production from its two growing regions in Ciudad Obregon and Caborca, with a total of 1.3 million packs of green and red grapes kick starting the season.

Campos Borquez

Starr Ranch Feb 2021

“We’ll see Early Sweet supply of over half a million boxes from Obregon from the first week of May that follows through with Sugar Drop,” Borquez said. “For reds, we expect over 750,000 cases of Flame seedless from Caborca starting the third week of May until the first week of July. We also produce Passion Fire during the month of June.”

Campos Borquez sees the rise in organics as the category goes mainstream as a good thing.

“As long as the price adjusts to the new cost-structure, organic practices are more sustainable and yield is not at jeopardy for most products,” Borquez said. “If we want farming to continue for another four generations in the Borquez Family, we have to go sustainable on every aspect.”

Pablo Borquez, CEO, Campos Borquez

Heliae Feb 2021

The company has been working for years to evolve its focus from organic farming into regenerative agriculture as it sees that as more of a holistic approach with deeper scientific bases.

“The end goal is the same; to farm in a way that promotes a better life for the soil, the people who work it and the planet overall,” Borquez said. “Our consumers seek to be part of this, and the ROC is a great to connect on these values. Campos Borquez is working to be a part of this soon.”

It also sees opportunities ahead. Plans for 2020 include expanding its organic winter vegetables category by adding broccoli and cauliflower to its existing celery program, which will be in season from late November until May. Plus, its organic asparagus harvest will start a month earlier in October and extend until May.

Campos Borquez asparagus production

NatureSafe Feb 2021

“We are transitioning our fields to have our first supply of organic avocados in the next year or two, max,” Borquez said. “This is more focused for the Canadian and European markets.”

In an industry with so many intermediaries and volatility, there is a tendency for misinformation and lack of trust. That’s why the company’s commitment to be 100 percent transparent is part of its philosophy and business model.

“We make ourselves accountable all throughout the value chain,” Borquez said. “We can offer this year-round. That way, our consumers can trust the quality and social responsibility standard behind the product. We strive to engage the final consumer in this purpose while offering the most delicious fruits and vegetables year-round.”

Campos Borquez grapes

Shenandoah Feb 2021

According to Borquez, operating under a social responsibility focus, with fair trade and organic certifications, has allowed the company to connect with like-minded retailers that not only strengthen its long-term profitability but also enrich its mission statement as a company.

“Together we have satisfied customers with the best quality produce and transparency while providing opportunities to our farm collaborators for a better quality of life,” he said. “Therefore, we are working to promote our unique strategic position during this grape season to connect with more of these integrated partners.”

Valent Feb 2021
Global Organics Group Feb 2021
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