OPN Connect Newsletter 155 · February 27, 2020

Seedwiz Helps Organic Farmers Select the Perfect Seeds

Seedwiz is an Israeli-based company that formed due to a profound need for transparent and comparable information on seed varieties and their producers.

“Every year the seed producers develop advanced genetics that don’t necessarily find their way to the plots of farmers,” said Limor Gruber, co-founder and vice president of operations for Seedwiz. “Most of the farmers are exposed to specific varieties that their dealers offer them, while there is advanced and more suitable genetics that they are not aware of.”

Limor Gruber, Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations, Seedwiz 

Starr Ranch December 2021

Plus, the company believes direct trading between the farmers and the seed producers will lead to fair trading with better prices, which is why Seedwiz provides the answer to all these challenges with its smart seed variety selection platform.

The Geographic (GIS) OPTimizer is based upon a global, standardized database of seed products. The system, powered by cutting-edge algorithms, analyzes tremendous amounts of parameters to optimize the plant variety selection done by the farmer. The product properties are uploaded to the Seedwiz database by seed companies and distributors using an online uploading interface.

“We provide a comprehensive and comparable database of seed varieties, including organic seeds with Certified Organic Production (OSP) documentations and their treatment,” Gruber said. “Thus, Seedwiz enables all the farmer communities, including the organic growers, to select the perfect seeds for their plots and answer their customized needs, contact the producers directly with no third-party involved or purchase the seeds online with shipping directly to their farm.”

Wish Farms December 2021

Seedwiz Geographic (GIS) OPTimizer based on global database of seed products

Seedwiz’ platform and database were designed as a useful tool for organic grower communities. It includes most of the certified-organic-produced varieties with important information such as the production and seed treatments.

“As the organic market is growing, the seed producers are developing more and more suitable varieties for organic growing conditions,” Gruber said. “However, this vast variability, many times, is not transparent to the farmers. We believe that direct contact and communication between the farmers and seed producers will lead to better seed selection optimization and more efficient growing.”

The company’s platform was developed from strong communication and feedback from Seedwiz’ betta users, as well as with many of the major seed companies, leading to the development of its state of the art tool.

“We believe that crop production in the existing climate changes and environmental stress should be done by using minimal inputs to produce maximum food,” Gruber said. “This will be possible only by providing win-win opportunities to both the farmers and the seed producers.”

Global Organics Group December 2021

With organic production increasing on a yearly basis, the company sees a big opportunity to assist the seed producers to expose their latest seed varieties and innovative genetics for the organic growers, and to help the growers reach the most suitable varieties with the best prices available for them.

Seedwiz smart seed variety selection platform 

“Many services in our lives—like travel, insurance and even diamond trading—are shifting to digital tools that significantly change our lives,” Gruber said. “We believe that as the 21st century is progressing, data accessibility and digital trading platforms will become more and more essential. Seedwiz is aiming to enable it to every farmer in the world.”

Heliae December 2021

In 2020, Seedwiz is aiming to establish the company in the high-value crops within the United States and then is aiming for Mexico.

“We believe that each farmer that connects directly with the seed producer may get all the support for his growing,” Gruber said. “In our vision, each farmer may turn his plot to a trial and share valuable information with the seed producers which eventually benefit the entire industry.”

Seedwiz encourages farmers to connect directly with seed producers 

NatureSafe December 2021

After all, Seedwiz was built with farmers in mind. The database is open for the farmer’s use for their benefit with no costs.

“We are complying with the most severe privacy policies with all our users,” Gruber said. “All the information for the benefit of the industry is anonymous and has all the relevant statistics. We are looking forward to continuing to serve the farmers and the seed producers and help them increase yield and quality and profitability.”

State of Organic Produce December 2021

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