What OPN Does

What OPN Does

OPN intends to be the One Resource for the organic fresh produce industry by focusing on three pillars: education, communication and marketing/promotions.

Education: OPN brings the organic produce industry together to learn and grow

  • Live and Online Events
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • Workshops and Programs at Other Industry Events on Organic Fresh Produce
  • Resources and Information like OPN Connect, the free weekly e-newsletter

Communication: OPN is THE trusted resource on organic produce

  • Reinforcing the message that organic fresh produce is the best food available and the safest, most nutritious food for consumers throughout the world
  • Organic fresh produce production is responding to consumer demand and offering consumers a choice to what type of fresh produce they can purchase
  • Providing facts, definitions and statistics to the media and for you to share with your customers about organic produce starting with a definition and how organic is different from conventional produce
  • OPN Connect gives you all the latest news and updates on all things organic produce every week

Marketing/Promotions: OPN is YOUR resource for organic fresh produce marketing tools and information

  • Up-to-date fact sheets, statistics and other information on organic produce you can use for your marketing and sales
  • Information and resources to help inform and train your employees on organic produce
  • OPN presence at industry and other events to help you share the positive messages about organic produce