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OPN is the voice and go-to resource for all things related to organic produce. We’re the experts in growing and selling organic fruits and vegetables and your ally in providing nutritious foods to feed your family. Our network is made up of farmers, retailers, marketers, lawmakers, dietitians and other professionals who are passionate about delivering organic agricultural products to communities everywhere.

What We Do

We are here to help you make informed decisions when shopping for food and to clear up questions and concerns you may have about produce.

Interested in growing practices, labeling laws, government regulations or current policies issues? Want to know more about the history of the organic movement? Looking for recipes, cooking tips or nutrition information? We have it all here. Explore our pages, and check back for updates in our What’s New section.

For the organic produce industry, we provide education, resources, guidance and a sounding board for discussion for the people and companies involved in getting organic produce into your local markets. 

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. We are happy to help you out and are excited that you are a part of our organic produce community.

Looking for organic food inspiration to add to your kitchen?

Join us each week for #FieldtoFeast as we offer organic recipes, tips and tricks to try at home!



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