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Maple-Roasted Organic Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a trademark of Thanksgiving dinner. You can find them all year long in the produce department, but this root vegetable comes into peak season during the late fall.

Though the terms sweet potato and yam are often interchangeable, the two are in fact different vegetables. Native to Africa and Asia, yams are starchier, drier and have thicker skin than sweet potatoes. True yams are not carried in most supermarkets.

There are several different types of sweet potatoes you might find on the shelf. Garnet, Jewel and Beauregard have orange flesh and reddish skin. Japanese and Hannah have white flesh; Japanese have reddish skin while Hanna have cream skin. Purple sweet potatoes have both purple flesh and skin.

Not just delicious, sweet potatoes pack a nutritious punch. One five-inch orange sweet potato provides nearly 370% of your daily vitamin A and is a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese, all for just 112 calories. To reap all of these benefits, keep the skin on your sweet potatoes.

Organic sweet potatoes can be found at most local retailers.