OPN Connect Newsletter 2 · March 9, 2017

Who Wants Better Health?

OPN Connect is pleased to introduce you to guest blogger/writer, Ashley Koff, RD. Ashley is a nutrition expert who has authored two books, Mom Energy and Recipes for IBS, an award-winning blog and co-hosts “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn” podcasts and media favorite seen regularly in outlets such as Huffington Post, Good Morning America Health, E- News! and O Magazine.

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Who wants better health? 
By Ashley Koff, RD

We all do! And the great news is that today we know how to get it and keep it: better nutrition. But what is (and is not) better nutrition can be confusing. “Well, thank goodness for organic produce!” says me, Ashley Koff RD, a dietitian for nearly two decades teaching people how to make better not perfect choices more often so they get and keep better health. Organic produce is better nutrition simplified.

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“Organic produce is a clear better nutrition win because it helps provide the body the resources it needs to function better while reducing exposure to things that can irritate, frustrate and overwhelm the body.”

Better nutrition can fuel better health. I say, “can” because better nutrition better be delicious, better be available, better be affordable, and better be doable for it to actually enable better health. So in the coming months, I am thrilled to be here to share my thoughts, tips, and recipes on organic produce. Let’s work together to enable organic produce to be the better nutrition we all know it to be, to more people, more often. Because that’s the better win for all!

Chew On This: Organic Celery

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Celery is a better nutrition win because it is high in vitamin K and also molybdenum. Vitamin K plays an important role in blood coagulation and bone metabolism, while molybdenum is important for developing healthy cells. Celery is also rich in folate, a key nutrient for pregnant women to help prevent infant neural tube defects as well as for all of us adults to promote healthy hearts. Celery is also a great weight loss tool. It burns more calories to eat it than it offers, and it also can replace carbohydrates (like bread, crackers, croutons, fruit, and starchy vegetables) that are great for us but we should limit the amount we consume at any one time. Enter celery, the perfect vehicle for our peanut butter, our hummus, our guacamole or to add flavor to soups and more.

Here’s a Better Recipe from The Better Nutrition Membership a great resource for you to get better tools and real support (from me!) to help you reach your better health goals.

Stuffed Squash with Hemp Seeds


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