OPN Connect Newsletter 41 · December 7, 2017

In Their Words: Anthony Griffin

OPN recently connect with Anthony Griffin, Organic Crop Specialist at Valent on the importance of soil health and soil amendments.

Nature Safe

OPN Connect: Tell us how Valent provides technological solutions for crop production and pest management that also protect environmental resources for the benefit of future generations.

Anthony Griffin: VALENT has been a market leader in profiling sustainable solutions for growers. Both naturally derived and botanical active ingredients are a large part of Valent's crop portfolio. With a focus on products that are safe for the environment and workers, Valent USA consistently focuses on products that work from people who care.

OPN Connect: What is the most important thing for a grower to understand as they choose which soil amendments to use? How do you develop site specific solutions?

Organic Ag Products

Anthony Griffin: Growers should understand the limiting factors in their soils that are affecting quality and / or yield t They should address these with appropriate amendments in appropriate quantities. Utilize soil testing and recommendations that are site specific, keeping in mind your future cropping cycle.

OPN Connect: In California water conservation and quality is of particular concern for growers. How do Valent’s products assist with water efficiency and water quality?

Anthony Griffin: Drought tolerance and water use efficiency has been at the forefront of farming conversations for the past decade in CA. There are a number of products on the market, for example, Mycoapply products have shown both short term and long term benefits associated with water use efficiency.    Mycorrhizal fungi are able to better penetrate soil spaces to access soil moisture that is unavailable to larger root hairs while also positively influencing soil structure.

Ocean Mist

OPN Connect:  What services does Valent offer in terms of field development and product Safety?

Anthony Griffin: Valent USA has developed a Sustainable Solutions Business Unit which has specialist in production, soil and plant health throughout the US. We offer a full line on OMRI certified products and continue to develop products to serve this market.

OPN Connect: You are a speaker at the Organic Produce Summit addressing “Tools for Plant and Soil Health.” What message do you wish to convey in this panel? 

Anthony Griffin: Soil health is where it all begins on the farm. Sustainability of your farm begins with soil health and care.    Healthy soil makes healthy plants, and when consumed, healthy people!

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